All club volunteers who regularly work unsupervised with children under the age of 18 are required to get a Working With Children Check (WWCC).

Under the Act, a person involved to be engaging in child related work, must apply for the WWCC if they:

  • Work or volunteer in a role that brings them into contact with children under 18; and
  • Volunteer or do this work on a regular basis; and
  • Have direct contact with children under 18 which is not directly supervised; and
  • Do not qualify for one of the exemptions in the legislation


Clyde Tennis Club (CTC) endorses the following exemptions from the legislation and it will recognise that it shall not require the following individuals to apply for the WWCC (subject to appropriate proof being sighted):

  • Persons aged under 18
  • Sworn Members of Victoria Police (who are not suspended from duty);
  • Teachers registered with the Victorian Institute of Teaching; (we are required to sight the VIT registration)

Under the legislation, parents do not have to apply for a WWCC if their child is involved in the relevant activity.  However, CTC does not endorse this exemption and it expressly requires that all parents that meet the criteria set out above apply for and obtain a WWCC and keep it current.

CTC is part of many sporting organisations that have taken this view, in order to maximise the protection of children involved in tennis.

CTC adopts the policy and recommends, as a minimum requirement, the following people obtain a WWCC:

  • All Executive Committee members of CTC
  • Coaches;
  • Team Managers;
  • Club Trainers;
  • Any adult attending an overnight trip with a player under the age of 18;
  • Other members of the club who are involved in regular contact with children that are not directly supervised by a person who has completed a WWCC.

For information regarding the process of obtaining a WWCC, please visit the Department of Justice website at or your nearest Australia Post outlet.